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Intelak Accelerator

Apply now for
Intelak Accelerator

A comprehensive and immersive programme that understands the needs of late-stage start-ups.

Intelak Accelerator

The region’s only eight-week accelerator programme that takes viable business solutions to the next level by offering start-ups growth and scaling opportunities, along with intimate access to principal partner mentoring, investors, and alumni and networking platform. The selected start-ups will have the opportunity to develop a city-wide implementation of their business solutions and exclusive visibility and pitching opportunities at Expo 2020 & GITEX Future Stars – the region’s premier technology event.

Why Should You Apply

  1. The virtual programme allows maximum agility and facilitates global participation.

  2. Capitalise on the interconnectedness of the global aviation and tourism industry whilst using Dubai as the proof-of-concept platform for your start-up.

  3. Leverage a digital alumni network of past participants for additional support, collaboration and potential business opportunities.

  4. Gain curated access to Intelak’s Investor Breakfasts, Founder Summits, Industry Panels and Legal and Licensing Clinics to grow your start-up in Dubai.

  5. Prime exhibition space and pitch opportunity at Expo 2020 and GITEX Future Stars.

Who Should Apply

  1. You have an innovative tech solution in the aviation, travel or tourism space that meets one of Intelak’s challenges.

  2. Your business is a growth stage start-up or scale-up.

  3. You are looking to expand into Dubai and implement your product or service in the city, or you are looking to have
    Dubai as one of your proof of concept cities.

  4. Your product or service is favourable for the business environment in Dubai from a technical and legal standpoint.

  5. Your business has at least 2 full-time team members.

Intelak Accelerator Challenge Statements

If you are building an innovative solution to solve one of the below challenges, apply now to work alongside us to scale your solution!

Operational Excellence


How do we leverage generative AI & automation to further streamline passenger handling, cargo warehouse operation & airline meal preparation ? Key areas of focus include check-in & boarding area optimization, flight load & weight & balance reconciliation, cargo pallet build-up & catering kitchen operations.


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Cookieless Technologies


The world of digital advertising is bracing for the ‘death of the cookie’ in 2022. The travel trade industry is multi-layered, with 100s of touchpoints and handovers along the user journey – from search engines to publishers, DMO websites, OTAs, hotels and more. Travel industry marketing relies on third-party cookies and, while some ‘post-cookie’ solutions have been proposed, none of them presents a clear solution for travel advertisers in a post-cookie world. How can travel advertisers deal with this disruption ?

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Commercial Innovation


How might we enhance our customer understanding to drive revenue optimization and create ancillary opportunities throughout the entire passenger journey both on & off-airport, across B2B & B2C ?


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Customer Experience


How do we elevate the customer experience journey towards seamless interactions and enhanced satisfaction, incorporating safe and purposeful data sharing practices to enhance personalised services and build stronger connections with the customer base, and explore how this can be achieved to acquire, convert and retain customers.


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Employee Engagement


Innovative solutions that redefine team motivation, elevate team dynamics, enhance collaboration and interaction within organizations. We want to reshape the landscape of employee experiences, fostering an environment where inspiration, collaboration, and productivity intertwine seamlessly through physical and digital mechanisms.


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How can digital solutions be introduced to propel the adoption of eco-friendly practices across the broader landscape of the tourism & Aviation industry ?


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How can digital solutions be introduced to propel the adoption of eco-friendly practices across the broader landscape of the tourism & Aviation industry ?


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Wild Card


How might we contribute to the enhancements of the Dubai’s visitor experience ?


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Programme Offering

  1. Access to work alongside our principal partners.

  2. Discounts, tools and deals to support you to launch your solution in Dubai.

  3. The opportunity to pitch on stage at Expo 2020 & GITEX Future Stars, part of GITEX Technology Week.

  4. The opportunity to strategically position your start-up in a thriving aviation and tourism hub regardless of location.

Programme Timeline

  1. Applications for Cohort 7 Open

  2. Shortlist Interview Week for Cohort 7

  3. Virtual Boot camp for Cohort 7

  1. Applications for Cohort 7 Close

  2. Announcement of the top finalists for Cohort 7

  3. Programme Commences for Cohort 7