About Us

ABOUT Intelak

Led by the Emirates Group, Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), Accenture and Microsoft, Intelak Hub is a start-up platform based in Dubai that launches, nurtures and scales start-ups that support Dubai’s position as a leader in aviation, travel and tourism.

Intelak Incubator Launches

About Us

Founded in 2016 Intelak launched as an aviation and travel focused incubator for idea to early stage start-ups based in the UAE. In 2020 Microsoft and Accenture joined the Emirates Group and Dubai Tourism as Intelak’s Principal Partners which has enabled Intelak to expand its scope to wider technology solutions related to aviation, travel and tourism and support start-ups based in any geographic location.

Intelak Hub’s Principal Partners strategic positioning enables idea stage start-ups to ideate, test and validate their idea, through the Incubator to identify their product market fit and co-create their solutions and through the accelerator build strategic partners that scale their product/services to Dubai in beyond.

Intelak’s Vision


Intelak Idea Lab is a community for UAE Nationals interested in being part of changing the future of aviation, travel, and tourism. We provide workshops, mentoring and a network to bring your aviation, travel and tourism ideas to life.


The Intelak Incubation programme is open to startups within any geographic location who are seeking to grow their venture in Dubai. Each incubated startup receives AED 50,000 equity-free funding, bespoke workshops, mentoring and facilitating collaborations between our entity and ecosystem partners.


Intelak Hub’s vision is to continuously contribute to nurturing a local ecosystem of UAE National talent through the Intelak Idea Lab; develop and nurture early stage start-ups through the Intelak Incubator; and enable advanced stage start-ups to scale and work alongside its world-class partners through the Intelak Accelerator.